Detoxification and purification treatments

Detoxification and purification treatments

Egyptos Vitality wrap

In the Egyptos treatment, healing clay draws toxins out of the body, while mineral salts nourish and smooth the skin. It also stimulates the metabolism, which boosts the entire organism. The optimum treatment for an extra portion of health and instantly visible firming of the body contours.

  • Maximum cm loss in problem areas
  • Detoxifies and purifies the skin (cellulite killer)
  • See and feel the results after the very first treatment

Single treatment, 110 minutes € 152,-
Series of 3 treatments of 110 minutes € 405,-

Detox treatment

Algae wrap and detox-massage.

80 minutes € 138,-

Sea salt peeling massage

Deacidifies and detoxifies the body, smoothes and nourished the skin.

40 minutes € 72,-