wraps in our softpack floating lounger


Wraps in our Softpack Floating Lounger.

Experience a state of deep relaxation and pamper your skin at the same time with various active substances of your choice. Light water pressure gently presses the Softpack foil against the body for optimum penetration of the active ingredients into the skin. The skin’s absorbability is increased by up to 10 times.

Peat wrap

The "Mountain Magic" moorland pack is a traditional and highly effective heat treatment. The pack is the optimal preparation for a massage because it relaxes the muscles and boosts the circulation.

25 minutes € 45,-

Algae wrap

A treat for your body.
In their purest form, algae are highly detoxifying, purifying and remineralising. The body is regenerated via the skin, oedema and cellulite are reduced. So not only does algae manage to leave you with lovely, soft skin, but it also gently cleanses the body from within.

25 minutes € 45,-

Goat butter and evening primrose oil wrap

Pamper your skin with goat butter cream that is enriched with the power of mountain herbs and precious evening primrose. This valuable combination will intensively moisturise the skin, helps to counteract premature skin ageing, and also relieves and soothes neurodermatitis.

25 minutes € 45,-