9. Mar. 2017

Fit into spring

Winter is still present in all its white glory – Spring, however, is no longer too far away. Whether it’s for gliding down the slopes or preparing for Spring: you should be fi t for both of them. Stefan Jäger, our Personal Fitness-Trainer explains what you need to be aware of.

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3. Mar. 2016

The BURG kitchens: fresh, regional and hearty cuisine

30 chefs are busy slaving away in the BURG kitchens this winter

They cook everything fresh using regional products. We offer a glimpse into the kitchens where top quality, healthy feel-good dishes are cooked up with passion.

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8. Feb. 2016

Well-being and beauty after a day’s skiing

Reaching for the stars!

After a day out in the snow, a visit to the Burg beauty & well-being area is like reaching for the stars. Whether a bath, sauna, beauty specials or relaxing massage – our make-up artist Verena and qualified masseur Stefan explain what makes a winter’s day so perfect.

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22. Apr. 2013

Healthy sleep for all guests

The SAMINA Sleep-Healthy-Concept is implemented at all rooms in the BURG

Healthy sleep is an essential precondition for relaxation, recreation, well-being, health and inner harmony. Hence, the SAMINA Sleep-Healthy-Concept was implemented in the BURG with the intention to help hotel-guests to a Bioenergetic Sleep®. So, the BURG is offering its guests a sleep-experience with a positive effect on all levels.

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