Ayurveda is a traditional Indian healing art that is based on 5000-year-old teachings.

It is one of the world’s oldest healing methods. The body is treated using oils chosen specifically for the individual; the energy centres are included in the treatment.


Traditional full-body massage.

50 minutes € 102,-
80 minutes € 158,-

Shiroabhyanga Padabhyanga

Foot and head massage, ideal for dealing with tension and stress.

50 minutes € 98,-

Upanahas Svedana

This Ayurvedic back treatment using high-quality oils from India gently releases tension and loosens blockages.

25 minutes € 52,-
50 minutes € 98,–


Himalayan salt and oil exfoliation to cleanse troublesome energy and strengthen the immune system. Idea for purifying and detoxifying.

40 minutes € 78,-

Garshan raw silk peeling massage

Garshan raw silk peeling massage. This relaxing and balancing full-body massage using a special raw silk glove leaves your skin looking and feeling softer, drains the tissue and stimulates the lymphatic flow and the metabolism.

25 minutes € 52,-
50 minutes including nourishing massage € 98,–