JetPeel Hydrodermabrasion

JetPeel skin rejuvenation

Hydro dermabrasion - beauty, that goes under your skin.

This innovative system of rejuvinating your skin uses a technique of the aerospace. With approx. 720 km/h, a medical water-oxygen-mix is applied to the skin by means of microscopicly small jets. The skin experiences a massage treatment and deep cleansing, while the cooling effect boosts the blood circulation.

Highly effective substances, like hyaluronic acid and different vitamins will be transfected into the receptive derma.

The outcome is clear to see for everyone: small wrinkles get smoothed, the skin appears much fresher and younger. The effect shows for 2-3 weeks.

For a long term effect we recommend a cure of 3 treatments (keeps for up to 3 months).

Rates JetPeel cure treatment

Rates for 1 or 3 treatments

  • Face € 239,- / € 580,-
  • Face, throat and cleavage € 339,- / € 790,-
  • Hands € 98,- / € 240,-