Peelings & packs

Peelings and packs

Goat butter cream wrap

The power of the mountain herbs from lush mountain meadows can also be found in goat’s butter.

No wonder that it has been a fixed part of alpine folk medicine in earlier centuries, and is now also becoming increasingly important again. The goat butter cream wrap has a very calming, balancing, invigorating and moisturising effect. Afterwards your skin feels and looks better.

25 min € 43,-

Evening primrose oil wrap

Evening primrose is a treasure in the world of medicinal plants. Our evening primrose oil wrap has a high proportion of gamma linoleic acid so that it moisturises, is invigorating and activates cells. It is recommended for dry, irritated skin, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis.

25 min € 43,-

Rose petal wrap

Let yourself be surrounded by the revitalising scent of roses. When combined with quality oils, it has a gently moisturising effect. Roses take hold of the heart and are soothing.

25 min € 43,-

Moorland pack

The "Mountain Magic" moorland pack is a traditional and highly effective heat treatment. The pack is the optimal preparation for a massage because it relaxes the muscles and boosts the circulation.

25 min € 43,-