Swimming and Sauna at the Burg Hotel Oberlech

Feel-good programme for all the senses

You'll see that there is nothing left to be desired in the new BURG OASIS of the 4-star Burg Hotel Oberlech am Arlberg – whatever your age. Immerse yourself, find your particular rejuvenation point and enjoy your moments of relaxation.

Wellness for adults

The newly-designed adult wellness area (from 16 years of age; textiles-free zone) at the BURG OASIS is the perfect place to switch off and dedicate yourself entirely to your time out in the mountains. The combination of the sauna landscape and new wellness extension offers you a wide range of excellent relaxation options:

Wellness for adults at our BURG OASIS

  • 01 - Whirlpool
  • 02 - Private bays
  • 03 - Bar
  • 04 - WC
  • 05 - Experience shower
  • 06 - Ornamental pond
  • 07 - Spa for two
  • 08 - Infra-red cabin
  • 09 - Steam bath
  • 10 - Organic pine sauna
  • 11 - Finnish sauna
  • 12 - Snow cabin
  • 13 - Shower
  • 14 - WC
  • 15 - Stone path to stimulate the foot reflex zones
  • 16 - Spring water pool 18 °C

Wellness for the whole family

Experience for yourself what children's wellness means here at our family hotel – we can promise you you'll never even hear the word boredom! The fun factor is guaranteed with all this sliding, splashing and swimming. You'll find the following offers in the Family wellness area:

Wellness for the whole family at our BURG OASIS

  • 01 - Children’s pool *
  • 02 - Whirlpool *
  • 03 - Relaxation room
  • 04 - WC
  • 05 - Changing room
  • 06 - Solarium
  • 07 - Tepidarium
  • 08 - Floatation tank
  • 09 - Private infra-red cabin
  • 10 - Massage
  • 11 - Cosmetics room
  • 12 - Fitness
  • 13 - Indoor swimming pool *

*for children under 12 years of age (only accompanied by an adult)

01 - adult whirlpool

Opening times

Our family wellness area with indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi and children’s pool is open daily from 8 am until 8 pm.

Finnish sauna, organic pine sauna and steam bath with saline mist in the adult wellness area are open from 2 pm until 8 pm. We will be pleased to open earlier on request or in inclement weather.

The spa area with massage and beauty treatments & infra-red cabin with saline mist is open daily from 9 am until 8 pm. Appointments can be made either at BURG OASIS or at our reception desk.

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Infra-red cabin with saline mist

Well-being that goes under your skin.
The subtle lighting and the atmosphere in the salt grotto of the BURG OASE are more than relaxing. A gentle saline mist is released with warm air between blocks of salt from the Himalayas. The resulting microclimate provides relief if the body is out of balance as the result of hypertension, skin problems, stress, bronchial complaints or disturbed sleep.

Full-spectrum emitters are used to target and overheat the muscles to loosen them deep down. Without stressing the circulation, the radiant heat improves the skin circulation and helps to counteract tension and chronic problems with the locomotor system.

Temperature 45 °C
Room climate 20 % relative humidity / mild
Recommended duration 20 – 30 minutes

The Finnish sauna

The classic.
The classic Finnish sauna is an important feature of the large sauna system at the BURG OASE. The wood in the cabin keeps the air humidity down at between 10 and 20 percent, and radiates a natural heat.

Temperature approx. 80 – 100 °C
Room climate approx. 10 – 20 % relative humidity
Recommended duration approx. 8 – 10 minutes per sauna session

Refreshment after the sauna: Spring water pool 18 °C and snow cabin -10 °C

The organic pine sauna

So soft and gentle.
The slightly gentler way to sauna: lower temperatures and the moist air make perspiring a pleasant wellness experience. The positive effects include gentle cleansing of the skin, boosting the circulation, increasing your defences against infections and, last but by no means least, physical and mental relaxation.

Temperature approx. 55 – 65 °C
Room climate approx. 40 % – 50 % relative humidity
Recommended duration approx. 15 – 30 minutes

The snow cabin

365 days of winter pleasures.
365 days of winter pleasures. Spring or summer, autumn or winter: it snows every day at the BURG. In our snow cabin, where the temperature is -10°C, a snow cannon produces fresh powder snow every day to provide an unbeatable freshness and boost to the circulation after a session in the sauna. Look forward to a season that you‘ll never want to end.

Temperature -10 °C
Room climate 10 %
Recommended duration 3 – 5 minutes

The tepidarium

Just like Antiquity.
Did you know that the concept of the tepidarium is Roman in origin, and was an important part of the bathing culture during the days of the Russian Empire? The room temperature is slightly above body temperature, and improves the circulation of the tissue, helps in cases of vascular problems, and improves mild infections, rheumatism and metabolic illnesses.

Temperature approx. 36 °C
Humidity 55 %
Recommended duration 1 – 2 hours

Spa for two

Find yourself.
Your retreat: the spa for two for relaxation for two. You and your partner can enjoy your chosen treatment far from the bustle of everyday life.

Impressions of our BURG OASIS