8. Feb. 2016

Well-being and beauty after a day’s skiing

Reaching for the stars!

Well-being and beauty after a day’s skiing

After a day out in the snow, a visit to the Burg beauty & well-being area is like reaching for the stars. Whether a bath, sauna, beauty specials or relaxing massage – our make-up artist Verena and qualified masseur Stefan explain what makes a winter’s day so perfect.

Stefan, you are a professionally trained masseur. What works particularly well after a day’s skiing?

Stefan: When on holiday, you should take time out for yourself – whatever you do, that’s the most important thing. Whether for skiing, good food or a walk – why not add to that a back massage, raw silk peeling massage or lymph drainage to stimulate the body’s defences and have a cleansing, detoxifying effect. We are all different. But one thing you can say is: if it does you good, it is good.

Verena, you bring beauty to life for guests at the Burg Hotel. What is particularly important in winter?

Verena: The temperatures and dry air in the rooms present a particular challenge in winter. Dry air dries out the skin. Today there are plenty of amazingly good products available, such as our new and intensive reverse anti-ageing skin care from Babor. Visible effects are immediately apparent with this exceptional treatment combined with a soothing massage. The skin is rejuvenated and the new smooth and even appearance rejuvenates the complexion – like reaching for the stars.

Stefan: We also focus on modern skincare for men. According to the traditional Indian practice, different areas on the soles of the feet are linked with different areas of the body. So, for example, massaging the pressure points on the feet during a reflexology massage regenerates the body and stimulates its own powers of self-healing. And the energising formula of active ingredients used in the Babor products for men increase the performance and resistance of male skin.

A sauna session can work wonders – it can boost the immune system or relax the muscles. Would you recommend a massage or beauty treatment before a sauna?

Verena: A sauna session can definitely be a good first step. And we meet a range of different sauna requirements with our organic herb sauna, classic Finnish sauna, infra-red cabin and steam bath with a range of scents. This means that everyone can work out what suits them best. It is important to listen to your feelings because beauty and relaxation can be achieved in various different ways.

Verena is a qualified make-up artist who works with high quality BABOR products for skincare of the face, hands and feet as well as in the field of cosmetics. Stefan is a qualified masseur and as such has a proven track record, offering treatments to suit a wide range of individual requirements.