Nordic walking

Nordic walking holidays in Lech am Arlberg, Austria

Take advantage of the altitude training effect with some Nordic walking in Lech am Arlberg in the Austrian Alps!

Nordic walking is a type of endurance sport and is suitable for many different age groups and individuals. Nordic walking is based on the technique used in cross-country skiing (with the use of sticks) and therefore the shoulder and upper arm muscles are used and trained. The pace and physical exertion can be individually adapted to the individual’s age and level of training. The tours follow marked footpaths and trails around Lech and last 3 to 4 hours. Overall there are 54 km of routes available

Nordic walking routes in Lech am Arlberg

In Lech-Zürs and the surrounding area, there is a wide range of Nordic walking routes and circuits of all difficulty ratings, lengths and terrains. This enables every participant to find the optimal level and ensures that there is no time for boredom during a long summer holiday on the Arlberg!

Switch from idyllic river banks alongside the Lech to gently rolling Alpine meadows and from mossy forest trails to shaded gravel tracks. There are plenty of benches along the way if you need to take a break and those in need of refreshment can cool down with a paddle in a river or crystal-clear mountain lake.

Easy Nordic walking routes

  • Lech Promenade, approx. 1.4 km, 0:25 h, 25 altitude metres
  • Vita Parcours Run, approx. 1.4 km, 0:30 h, 55 altitude metres
  • Zuger Schleife, approx. 3.3 km, 0:55 h, 109 altitude metres

Medium Nordic walking routes

  • Flühen Runde, approx. 3.6 km, 1:15 h, 98 altitude metres
  • Omes-Schleife, approx. 4.0 km, 1:30 h, 104 altitude metres
  • 2 Täler Runde, approx. 6.9 km, 2:30 h, 220 altitude metres
  • Weissbach-Runde, approx. 7.4 km, 2:45 h, 256 altitude metres

Challenging Nordic walking routes

  • Wiesele-Trail, approx. 6.2 km, 2:15 h, 203 altitude metres
  • Weibermahd Anstieg, approx. 8.5 km, 3:15 h, 521 altitude metres
  • Lecher Lauf / Lechufer-Lauf, approx. 11.7 km, 4 h, 345 altitude metres

You can see all of the Nordic walking routes and details on this interactive map including the contour lines.

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