Paragliding & hang-gliding in Lech am Arlberg, Austria

Feel the freedom of flying with your hangglider or paraglider – glide through the air like a bird and view the Lech holiday paradise from a bird’s eye perspective.

Paragliding allows you to enjoy some unforgettable moments and savour the Arlberg mountain views from above. Here you can forget all about everyday life for a time and absorb the beautiful landscapes and sense the currents and strength of the atmosphere.

Paragliding at the Arlberg in summer & winter

The dream of flying can come true in summer and winter here. During the warm season, you will set off from the Rüfikopf and in winter from the Kriegerhorn. Skis or a snowboard are generally used to pick up pace before you take off in the skies.

The destination is always the valley station of the Flühenlift where you will feel solid ground beneath your feet again after a breath-taking flight above the Austrian Alps.

Push your boundaries with a tandem flight

Flight Connection Arlberg offers lots of opportunities and tandem jumps, enabling holidaymakers here to enjoy a truly special experience.

The duration of the tandem flight depends on the altitude difference and thermal conditions on the flight day. There are various different flight types available from gliders to thermal flights and panoramic flights.

Fun and excitement are guaranteed with paragliding

Glider sessions are of particular interest to those interested in flying who want to learn about paragliding first hand. Passengers even have the chance to take the controls themselves during the flight. One advantage of gliding is that it is possible all year round, in any weather conditions. The pure flight time takes around 12 minutes and the maximum flying altitude is around 2,290 m. The total duration of the flight is around 80 minutes.

Thermal and panorama flights on the other hand require optimal weather conditions and are therefore only available at certain time. This makes them even more enjoyable. The flight time for thermal flights is around 30 minutes and a maximum flight altitude of 2,800 m is reached. Panorama flights take you up to around 3,300 m and take around an hour – make sure you wear warm clothing.

All you need are solid shoes, gloves, long trousers and a warm jacket to enjoy the pleasures of the flight to the full. Anyone can enjoy the mountains of Arlberg from above, regardless of age or weight (the two-seater gliders take weights of 120 kg).

4-star superior Burg Hotel Oberlech, your airbase on the Arlberg

Whether you want to spread your wings in summer or winter in Vorarlberg, the Burg Hotel Oberlech provides a pleasant base with all the comforts and quality cuisine you could wish for.

One perfect place to warm up and get your pulse rate down to its usual level after such an exciting trip is the 1,550 m² BURG OASIS – we don't think you'll find a lovelier landing site anywhere else.

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