30. Nov. 2010

District Heating Plant Oberlech

CO² neutral through the power of innovation and the pioneering spirit, into the next millennium.

District Heating Plant Oberlech

Oberlech firms are the epitome of innovative power and the pioneering spirit in the Arlberg region. Following on from the construction of the tunnel system that has made Oberlech a car-free zone, a district heating power station has now been built under the direction of the chief construction manager, Fridolin Lucian.

In 1997, the first biomass heating plant was built to supply the hotels and facilities of the Lucian family with energy. The new Oberlech biomass district heating plant is therefore simply a logical extension of the first biomass heating plant that was set up for the use of all the hotels and businesses in Oberlech.

As a hotelier family, the motivation to establish a district heating plant is quite simple. As Oberlech is a tourist town that lives from and for nature, the importance of managing existing resources carefully is self-evident.

The tourist branch consumes a great deal of energy due to the necessity of providing high levels of comfort. Owing to this, it has always been and continues to be a goal of all families in Oberlech to produce their own clean, CO² neutral energy.

An important dimension of the project is that the wealth thereby generated remains within the community, enabling local woodsmen to supply and sell wood directly to the district heating plant.

The benefits of the new heating plant for guests, as well as the local community in Lech, are obvious. The debate on carbon dioxide levels is now more urgent than ever. The new heating plant provides Oberlech’s guests with one hundred percent CO² neutral heating in all its holiday establishments. By the final stage of its construction in November 2010, biomass fuels will have replaced 1.3 million litres of heating oil.

Lech’s goal is in the medium term is to become the first energy-autonomous tourist region.

These figures show the sheer scale of the new district heating plant in Oberlech.

Affiliated Establishments

  • Burg Hotel
  • Burg Vital Resort
  • Hotel Bergkristall
  • Hotel Burgwald
  • Hotel Cresta
  • Hotel Formarin
  • Hotel Goldener Berg
  • Hotel Ilga
  • Hotel Mohnenfluh
  • Hotel Montana
  • Hotel Murmeli
  • Hotel Petersboden
  • Hotel Salome
  • Hotel Sonnenburg
  • Apollonia Apartements
  • Haus Almfrieden
  • Haus Astra
  • Haus Dr. Beiser Elmar
  • Haus Dr. Ilg
  • Haus Elsa
  • Haus Emo
  • Haus Gemeinschaft Kar
  • Haus Heidi
  • Haus Hilti
  • Haus Lehner
  • Haus Schneeflocke
  • Haus Spitzenegg
  • Haus Wolf
  • Dkfm. Michael Michaelis
  • Dr. Peter Michaelis
  • Pension und Appartements Bergland
  • Berghaus Sonnenburg
  • Landhaus Bischof
  • Pension Alpenflora
  • Pension Astoria
  • Pension Berger
  • Pension Bergmähder
  • Pension Diola
  • Pension Michaela
  • Pension Muntanella
  • Pension Sabine
  • Errichtunsgemeinschaft Wohnanlage Bündt
  • Bergbahn Lech-Oberlech
  • Seilifte Oberlech GmbH
  • Übungslift