4. Mar. 2018

Firn for experienced skiers

The pearl among skiing conditions in Lech am Arlberg.

Firn for experienced skiers

If firn were a car, which one would it be? People on the mountain are of one mind: a Rolls Royce. The flawless diamond among the 17 types of snow known to connoisseurs.

The pearl among skiing conditions. The stuff of which any touring skier’s wildest dreams are made. And we can’t think of any more sublime physical state of water. Anyone who has ever seen the face of a touring skier on their return from a descent in firn will have an idea of the sheer elation that H2O can cause on these late-winter and early-spring days, when the nights are still freezing cold and the days ablaze with glorious sunshine. And when the crusted snow layer that froze hard overnight is transformed into an incomparable layer of snow by the warm temperature and the sun’s rays.

What does it actually feel like on firn? Hard to describe, but when the firn and the skis merge into a single harmonious unit on the run and the skis’ edges dig into the snow, even the hardest-nosed among us will draw comparisons with the beauty of an opera aria. Or describe it as even more beautiful than the Mona Lisa. And many of them will never come closer to experiencing perfection than when performing a sequence of expertly executed firn turns.

So how can common- or-garden snow be so creamy, and yet at the same time give such a good grip? Science is unable to provide us with a satisfactory explanation for this phenomenon. Just this: at the end of winter, the snow layer is moistened through, but can freeze again on clear nights. This constant thawing and re-freezing creates a load-bearing “melted hard snow cover” that becomes soft and moist again as the day grows warmer – with snow grains that are over a millimetre in size and joined together in clusters.

But seriously: who’s actually interested in that? You have to feel firn, to enjoy it; you simply have to ski it. The good news: you can set off for some fun in the firn right outside the BURG’s front door. Just follow the sun from Lech to Zürs and up the Albona, where you will still find powder snow in the afternoons. Our skiing instructors know exactly when and where – and will be happy to share this knowledge with you.

The BURG offers 2 special packages for firn skiers.

Firn days, 8 - 12 April 2018

4 nights, incl. gourmet half-board and 3-day ski pass
from € 925,-

Firn days, 15 - 18 April 2018

3 nights, incl. gourmet half-board and 2-day ski pass
from € 592,-