28. Feb. 2011

Franz Profanter, "The Professional"

The man for everything at BURG for the past 34 years

Franz Profanter, "The Professional"

Seit 34 Jahren der Mann für alle Fälle in der BURG

He did his mechanics apprenticeship as a young man in Southern Tyrol. When asked the question of how he came to work at Burg, he answers in his charming, shy way. "I was signed off sick due to a car accident. And it meant I could go and see my sister at Burg. And she already worked back then for the Lucian family."

Franz has been in charge of all repairs and that the guests have their luggage in their rooms quickly.

Almost for the same time he has been married to his wife Gerlinde now for 31 years. "Gerlinde was a chambermaid at Burg," says Franz with a cheeky smile on his face when asked on how he met his wife. "Gerlinde works today at Burg Vital," he adds.

Their sons Florian (19), who does his university entrance exam this year and Markus (30), who lives in Vienna, are the couple's pride and joy. And Franz is also very proud of the Lucian family and on how Burg developed.

Only his bosses and Franz know every nook and cranny of the Burg.
"Since I worked at Burg, there has been renovation, extension and refurbishment every single year. No stone remained untouched. Every season there is something new. This year for example we get a new fitness room and new rooms," comments Franz the innovative power of the Lucian family.

Did you know, that without Franz you probably would get lost in the Burg?
Franz installed the entire signage in the Burg and is therefore responsible for the fact that each guest can find his or her way around the hotel easily.

Maria from reception says about Franz:
"Without Franz there would always be something broken. He is simply a nice guy and always in a good mood. Franz is also up for a joke. He supports our work on reception and is incredibly reliable."

And what does Franz do when he doesn't work?
He goes skiing, plays golf in summer and now and then he goes bowling.