22. Apr. 2013

Healthy sleep for all guests

The SAMINA Sleep-Healthy-Concept is implemented at all rooms in the BURG

Healthy sleep for all guests

Healthy sleep is an essential precondition for relaxation, recreation, well-being, health and inner harmony. Hence, the SAMINA Sleep-Healthy-Concept was implemented in the BURG with the intention to help hotel-guests to a Bioenergetic Sleep®. So, the BURG is offering its guests a sleep-experience with a positive effect on all levels.

The SAMINA Sleep-Healthy-Concept

More than one third of their lives people are spending with sleep – in that special phase where vital bodily and mentally recreation is taking place. Health, productivity and well-being decisively depend on the quality of sleep. With a SAMINA sleeping-system the best preconditions to fall asleep relaxed, sleep through on a qualitatively high level und wake up well rested are established.

The SAMINA sleeping-system is based on findings of the modern sleep-medicine und fulfils all requirements for healthy sleep of building biology, sleep medicine, orthopaedics, bedding-climate, hygiene and material.

Unique Healthy Sleeping with Highest Quality Standard

Each SAMINA sleeping-system gets with outstanding quality one of a kind through valuable natural material and raw material as well as attentive manual production in the company’s headquarter in Frastanz (Vorarlberg, Austria). The harmonious and natural interplay of the single sleeping-system-elements guarantees highest sleeping-comfort: the double-sided, freely suspended slat-frame with lamella out of highly-flexible, massive ash-wood is adapting to every movement of the body without any delay of time and therewith supports the deepness and quality of sleep. So, the regeneration of the spine including the intervertebral discs gets assisted.

SAMINA Sleep-Healthy-Concept

The high point-elasticity and the optimal rebound-behaviour of the mattress-overlay out of 100% natural rubber prevent from sensation of pressure on skin and musculature and continuously ensure unconfined arterial and venous blood-circulation. The naturally pure, breathable cotton as well as the 100% organic virgin wool of the overlays, blankets and pillows create a dry-warm bedding-climate.

Sleeping Grounded with the SAMINA Sleeping-System

A further innovation are the into the SAMINA bed integrated grounding-overlays. Since we more and more are living, working and sleeping isolated from the surface of the earth, the human being more or less has lost the contact to the earth. Grounded sleeping cares for the necessary compensation and is like going barefoot on the surface of the earth for seven to eight hours. This leads to a measurable improvement of sleep and better regeneration of body, mind and soul. Furthermore, the body gets de-stressed during sleep through biologic important magnetic fields and charged with vital energy. So, the organism is also protected from harmful influences of electromagnetic pollution.

Competence and Know-How Around Healthy Sleep

Behind SAMINA stands the company-founder and sleep-healthy-pioneer Guenther W. Amann-Jennson, a noted for sleep-psychologist, health-expert and founder of the Bioenergetic Sleep® as well as founder of the SAMINA sleep-healthy-concept. By now, the second generation of the family enterprise SAMINA too has commited themselves to the company’s goal – to help as many people as possible to a better sleep, more health, vital energy and personal success. They support the company founder and visionary Guenther W. Amann-Jennson to spread his health-ideal and the SAMINA sleep-healthy-concept abroad.

„In the matter of sleeping comfort we are standing for highest quality - with selected natural material, 100% biologically grown and with great attention to detail manually processed. We get our know-how out of more then 20 years of development, sleep-research and field reports of our customers. We stand with our name for the result – a unique sleep-experience. All the more, we are happy about the co-operation with the BURG and the Lucian-family.“

BURG and the SAMINA-Team wish you a healthy, recreative sleep!

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SAMINA sleep-healthy-concept

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