17. Apr. 2020

Holiday pictures – what a treat!

Our guests are the best.

Holiday pictures – what a treat!

Usually our guests send postcards of their holiday at the BURG or pictures of their special moments from their smartphone to friends and family back home. But everything is different now – which is why we've simply found a new way to be in close contact with our guests.

A special holiday is never forgotten, and remembering happy days also has a lot to do with looking forward and anticipation. That is why we asked you in the BURG Newsletter to send us pictures of your holidays in and around Oberlech – and we were completely overwhelmed by the number of fabulous photos we received in response. We'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you for being the best guests anyone could wish for.

As we said, looking back may be nostalgic, but it also kindles our delight as we look forward to what is yet to come. The entire BURG team is looking forward with optimism, and we hope to be opening our doors again very soon. To you, and your next wonderful memories. See you soon!

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