29. May. 2018

Honouring employees 2018

Three cheers for loyalty!

Honouring employees 2018

The Lucian family is very proud of its members of staff who have been with them for a long time, and who have devoted themselves and their abilities to the family hotel with such commitment.

„Working with you is tremendous fun“, emphasise Marlene, Elisabeth, Christian and Gerhard Lucian, who know full well that "the way the quality of the BURG is perceived depends on every single member of staff. You define the character of our establishment, and we couldn't be more pleased that you have been so loyal to our family and to the Burg Hotel for all this time.“

Staff of many years' standing were honoured at the winter season’s closing event, and all the team members celebrated the successful season together. The Lucian family thanks all the staff, and in particular

  • Helga, who has been with us for 43 years, having even prepared Gerhard Lucian's sandwiches for school
  • Franz – 41 years
  • Hermann – 25 years
  • Claudia – 18 years
  • Anto – 17 years
  • Dragica und Slavko – 16 years
  • Ljuba und Nikola – 15 years
  • Milan – 15 years
  • Razim – 15 years
  • Oliver – 10 years
  • Ewald – 10 years
  • Daniel – 10 years
  • Carmen – 10 years
  • Vlado – 10 years