9. Mar. 2017

JetPeel treatment at the Burg SPA in Oberlech

JetPeel treatment at the Burg SPA in Oberlech

JetPeel is an innovative skin rejuvenation system which selectively implements technology gained from air and space travel. The active ingredient, a gas mixture, is fired onto the skin through microscopic nozzles at 720 km/h. The result will also impress you.

With JetPeel, the skin is simultaneously massaged, cooled and supplied with blood through this new high-tech procedure. Highly effective substances such as hyaluronic acid as well as essential vitamins and vital substances penetrate up to a 4mm depth into the skin layer.

Effective in the depths

JetPeel enables the substances to get deep into the skin where they are needed. They promote the growth of collagen and fibroblasts, the so-called connective tissue cells, improve blood circulation, give the skin back its moisture, tone the muscular systems and remove slags. Simultaneously, the surface of the skin is peeled and freed from old skin layers. Ageing processes are stopped and put into reverse.

Younger, fresher, healthier

JetPeel achieves results which up to now were only possible using deep peelings, hyaluronic acid injections and other expensive procedures. And all this without the pain and side effects. The skin appears smoother, younger and fresher. The effect lasts for up to three weeks. If it is applied as part of a treatment, the long-time effect can be extended up to three months.

Our beauty team offers three treatments with JetPeel:

  • face,
  • face/neck/décolleté and
  • hands.

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