23. Feb. 2022

BURG Beef Tatar

As you all know, there is nothing better than enjoying a freshly at the table prepared Beef Steak Tatar at the BURG, sitting in the sun while having a nice glass of Austrian wine.

We are looking very forward when we can personally serve our signature dish to you again.

To shorten your waiting time till your next visit at our sun terrace, we reveal our original Beef Tatar recipe to invite you to try it yourself at home.

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17. Apr. 2020

Holiday pictures – what a treat!

Our guests are the best.

Usually our guests send postcards of their holiday at the BURG or pictures of their special moments from their smartphone to friends and family back home. But everything is different now – which is why we've simply found a new way to be in close contact with our guests.

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8. Feb. 2016

The greats of the wine world – in the Burg wine cellar

The Burg Hotel is home to over 50.000 bottles of the very best wines from all over the world, stored in the stylish vaulted walls of the wine cellar. We accompany Christian Lucian through his wine cellar and are very impressed by our encounter with some of the world’s greatest wines.

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