18. Dec. 2020

Winter Espresso Martini

Interview and recipe - Bernd Neubauer, barkeeper


  • 3cl Belvedere vodka

  • 3cl liquer 43

  • 1 espresso

  • 1 teaspoon pumpkin seed oil


  • put all the ingredients in a shaker full of ice and shake well

  • then pour through a fine sieve into a Martini Glass

  • decorate with some coffee beans


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29. May. 2018

Honouring employees 2018

Three cheers for loyalty!

The Lucian family is very proud of its members of staff who have been with them for a long time, and who have devoted themselves and their abilities to the family hotel with such commitment.

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11. Jan. 2018

15 different varieties every day on our breakfast buffet: Interview with Burg Hotel bakerThomas Moebius

Thomas Moebius, baker with passion for 27 years and since 2013 at the Burg Hotel in Oberlech am Arlberg.

He explains why some Kaiser Rolls are still fresh in the eventing, wholegrain products don’t have to be coarse and the best baguette doesn’t have to be French.

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14. Dec. 2017

Interview with Sebastian Daeche, new chef de cuisine at the BURG

How one summer can turn into 5 years. And one season's guest into a head chef

Sebastian Daeche had already travelled quite a distance before – by his own admission – he felt drawn to lech for a season. And he was not the first person to instantly fall in love with the place. But we‘ll let our new chef de cuisine speak for himself.

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11. Jan. 2017

New menu in the Lechtaler Stube. Interview with head chef Heinrich Röder.


What can be better after a day in the snow than pampering the body and soul with a good meal? In our Lechtaler Stube, our guests enjoy cuisine at gourmet standard. Our chefs have now developed the menu in the Lechtaler Stube further, and our head chef Heinrich Röderer – left at the above picture – explains where he and his three sous-chefs pay particular attention.

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8. Feb. 2016

Well-being and beauty after a day’s skiing

Reaching for the stars!

After a day out in the snow, a visit to the Burg beauty & well-being area is like reaching for the stars. Whether a bath, sauna, beauty specials or relaxing massage – our make-up artist Verena and qualified masseur Stefan explain what makes a winter’s day so perfect.

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4. Apr. 2014

Claudia Fath

BURG sommelier Claudia Fath

From the "Maxlhaid" to the BURG Hotel

Claudia has learned her trade as cook / waitress at "Maxlhaid" a typical pub in Oberösterreich. Her apprenticeship took four years. Two years of which she was trained in the kitchen and two years in service. "I wanted to learn every single detail that was part of my job but my favourite by far was patisserie," admits this charming and down-to-earth woman who was born in Oberösterreich.

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4. Nov. 2013

Oliver Kaiser

BURG Head Barkeeper

What was your professional career like, from your apprenticeship up to today?
I visited the Gastgewerbefachschule (Hospitality College) in Bad Gleichenberg, which I completed in 1989. In winter that same year, I was in Zürs for the very first time and worked there in the Vernissage as "Commis de bar". Thereafter I worked various seasons in Kühtai, Ischgl, Attersee and Wörthersee. 1993 I went to Vienna to a large wine tavern, where I was responsible for events and key customers.

I then transferred to Hannes Jagerhofer’s Event Agency ACTS (Organiser of the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam), where I worked together very well with Rainer Husar. From the two of them I learned a lot about event management and was able to make many contacts. In 1996, I opened my own catering business Beweg-Bar (Austria's first Bar-Catering).

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4. Jul. 2011

Silvester Reindl

Walking guide in Lech am Arlberg

More than 10,000 km under his belt

He already has around 10,000 kilometres of walking and approx. 40,000 m of altitude per season under his belt and is familiar with virtually all the slopes, gorges and mountain meadows in Lech and the surrounding area. Our walking guide Silvester Reindl takes guests at the BURG high up into the Alpine peaks. We chatted with him about the wonders of nature and some special experiences.

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28. Feb. 2011

Franz Profanter, "The Professional"

The man for everything at BURG for the past 34 years

Seit 34 Jahren der Mann für alle Fälle in der BURG

He did his mechanics apprenticeship as a young man in Southern Tyrol. When asked the question of how he came to work at Burg, he answers in his charming, shy way. "I was signed off sick due to a car accident. And it meant I could go and see my sister at Burg. And she already worked back then for the Lucian family."

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