18. Dec. 2015

Making of: „How the Burg dreams come true“

Frank and Maria enjoy their dream holiday on the Arlberg

Making of: „How the Burg dreams come true“

Over the course of a year, a film and photo team of 10 people have been making a film and taking new series of photos for our hotel. The images show how Frank and Maria enjoy their dream holiday on the Arlberg. And the experiences of the film crew show how the Burg dreams came true for them too.

It was already after 7 pm on that hot day in July when the crew set off from the road barrier in Oberlech towards the Kriegeralpe, somewhat tired but still cracking jokes. The film and photo team from Switzerland and Austria had been on their feet since 6am, having chosen to pursue a summer filming project on these beautiful mountain summer days. A wake-up scene, mountain breakfast, golf course, cheese production at the Kriegeralpe Alpine dairy, arrival on the Oberlech mountain railway, journey via the gallery, evening ambience on the Flexen Pass... and constant changes of clothes, mask, decoration, change of clothes, mask... the team even stopped the traffic briefly on the Passstrasse to allow for uninterrupted filming as Frank and Maria drove their Mercedes convertible up and down the Arlberg for the driving scenes.

Living your dreams

Our landlady is waiting for the team with a schnapps as the Mercedes convertible and off-road vehicle drove up to the Kriegeralpe. But there was no time for this modest ‘Alpine glow’. Another key scene had to be finished before sunset: Frank had lost his way and pulled up outside the Kriegeralpe instead of the Burg Hotel with Maria. Both received a warm welcome and were invited to enjoy a glass of wine before they were directed to the Burg Hotel where Maria fell into bed, tired and began to dream... of ski descents and heli-skiing, of leisurely shopping in the village, a generous mountain breakfast at the Kriegeralpe, an Alpine safari with hiking guide and a cosy session in the spa... in short, of a dreamy holiday at the Burg Hotel in Lech am Arlberg!

The most natural thing in the world

But there was no time to dream on this exceptionally beautiful summer’s day – although everyone was in raptures all the same. There was the scent of fried bacon in the air as they filmed the mountain breakfast scene and they all thought back to the delicious steak tartar from the terrace scene during the winter shoot.

Back then too, everyone had to pull themselves together to resist eating the beef and warm toast before the end of filming! Despite the tight schedule and concentration required, there was a lot of laughing and joking. Landlady Patricia brought a tray of sparkling blackcurrant juice, water and apple fizz – almost as a distraction. It is the most natural thing in the world to show off the best friendly and relaxed side of the region.

Everything here is stylish but hearty and uncomplicated. That is what Austria is all about – unique hospitality paired with a serenity, expressed in particular through an unmistakeable humour.

Jumping for joy

It was 11 pm when the team finally arrived back at the BURG, exhausted. The photographer, filmmaker, assistants, agency lady, stylist and models could not believe it... the kitchen crew had waited for them and served up the finest antipasti and saltimbocca with risotto, with water and wine. They all jumped for joy and gathered around a large table – a mountain summer dream after a day of filming Frank and Maria’s dream holiday.


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