11. Jan. 2017

New menu in the Lechtaler Stube. Interview with head chef Heinrich Röder.


New menu in the Lechtaler Stube. Interview with head chef Heinrich Röder.

What can be better after a day in the snow than pampering the body and soul with a good meal? In our Lechtaler Stube, our guests enjoy cuisine at gourmet standard. Our chefs have now developed the menu in the Lechtaler Stube further, and our head chef Heinrich Röderer – left at the above picture – explains where he and his three sous-chefs pay particular attention.

With which new ideas has the Lechtaler menu been enriched?
Heinrich Röder: There are a number of new aspects, but the most important to me is that we have followed our way consistently. We place further emphasis upon an honest, fresh cuisine. We offer the traditional in a new creative way and prepare it with fresh products which we primarily take from the region. Good is actually not complicated.

Are there trends on the plate which are particularly well received?
The guests appreciate fresh cuisine more and more without unnecessary Chichi. Perhaps dishes, which are also eaten here in the region. Eating lobster just to be able to say that you’ve eaten lobster, is becoming increasingly less important. And that’s a good thing. After all, you eat for yourself and with your family and friends and not for the others.

Which cooking principles do you allow yourself to be guided by?
A good cuisine is driven by good products. The better the ingredients, the more that their essence, their own small miracle of taste, can flow into the dishes and be worked out with good cooking. We have, for example, new on the menu goose, a creative combination of braised (rillette) and briefly roasted, which is surprising in taste. We prepare this classic Christmas dish traditionally, as it used to be.

Is there a particular recommendation from the kitchen?
Ah, always this difficult question (laughing). Of central importance alongside very good, fresh products is the high quality preparation of the meat. Here we have exceptional chefs which more than fulfil the gourmet standard of the Lechtaler Stube. In addition, what is needed for an unforgettable time with family or friends is true wellbeing – that means real feel-good dishes with a good drop of wine. And we have exactly that on our menu and in our wine cellar.

About the person
Heinrich Röder has been head chef in the BURG for 5 years and cooks with his over 30 member team daily fresh and with regional ingredients.