30. Mar. 2017

New ski resort connection replaces 120 ski bus rides

Lech-Oberlech cable railway

We in Lech-Zürs not only have the largest contiguous ski resort in Austria – we are also looking back to a record winter. It is at least record-breaking when we can count already 75 good weather days during the first 100 days of the season.

The winter of 2016 / 17 will be defined as a ‘record winter’ in the history of the regionLech-Zürs. With the new Flexenbahn betweenZürs and Stuben / Rauz more than 100 ski bus rides have been replaced. The new connection makes the ski resort now to the largest combined ski resort in Austria. Additionally, the village was calmed, as now less cars are passing by. Depending on the route the driving time is now also shortened. In this way every skier personally contributes to protecting the environment.

Besides the new Flexenbahn also the new cable car Lech- Oberlech is attracting visitors. Our ‘local mountain cable car’ is comfortable, offers level access and an almost silent ride up to the sun paradise Oberlech. There is even more: The new capacity of 2 x 80 persons (formerly 32 persons) significantly shortens the waiting time. The new cable car follows the same line from the village centre to Oberlech and extends the existing tunnel system, which serves our hotel in the underground and keeps Oberlech car-free also in winter.

Unique mountain world

No wonder that Arlberg is fascinating people already for centuries. The imposing mountain world always required courage, innovative strength and team spirit from the pioneers. People here are perfectly equipped with these characteristics and always understood challenges as a chance. Thus Arlberg is since the 19th century the ‘cradle of alpine skiing’ and gave birth to many skiing pioneers and great skiing stars. The region owes this also to the sunny climate. This year there have been already more than 75 good weather days during the first 100 days of the season. Maybe this is also a record. So Oberlech is a true sunny spot and will make you fancy the next sunny winter. But there is still time, as now spring, firn skiing and then the – hopefully also – sunny summer are waiting.