4. Nov. 2013

Oliver Kaiser

BURG Head Barkeeper

Oliver Kaiser

What was your professional career like, from your apprenticeship up to today?
I visited the Gastgewerbefachschule (Hospitality College) in Bad Gleichenberg, which I completed in 1989. In winter that same year, I was in Zürs for the very first time and worked there in the Vernissage as "Commis de bar". Thereafter I worked various seasons in Kühtai, Ischgl, Attersee and Wörthersee. 1993 I went to Vienna to a large wine tavern, where I was responsible for events and key customers.

I then transferred to Hannes Jagerhofer’s Event Agency ACTS (Organiser of the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam), where I worked together very well with Rainer Husar. From the two of them I learned a lot about event management and was able to make many contacts. In 1996, I opened my own catering business Beweg-Bar (Austria's first Bar-Catering).

What were the highlights of your self-employment?
In over 10 years we organised about 1,000 events with up to 5,000 guests, whereby I am particularly proud of my cooperation with Gery Keszler and the Life Ball. 1997 – 1999 we organised the entire gastronomy and I think that was the most exciting and thrilling challenge that I have ever experienced, professionally. We also supported 4 cocktail bars at the Vienna Opera Ball and today, with the Beweg-Bar, we are still represented at the Philharmonics Ball. In 2006, I leased out the business and then in the end sold it in 2008. After a short cooperation with the Phoenix Supperclub Vienna I went on an extended trip around the world which led me from Asia to the USA and then on to Central America.

How did you get to the BURG?
After my trip around the world in 2007, I decided for myself not to live to work but rather to turn that saying around. My friend Marco, who comes from Lech, gave me the tip that there was a position open as head barkeeper at the BURG and right away, I was very interested. After putting in an application I had a job interview and that was exact moment I was sure I wanted to work in this hotel. Luckily enough Elisabeth and Gerhard Lucian had the same feeling. In the meantime, 5 seasons have come and gone and I still feel right at home here and enjoy working in this fantastic operation, with these great colleagues and last but not least, I am also here in the BURG because of our great guests.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?
In winter I love snowboarding, even though I don't get to do it very often. I love the mountains and the snow and of course good weather. In general, I like the opera, a good book, good movies and good food. I really enjoy cooking too and am supposedly very good at it. Now and then I just hang-out and don't do anything - I like that too.

In your opinion, what is a perfect day for a guest here at the BURG in Lech?
A perfect day definitely starts with a leisurely breakfast at the hotel. Then a nice, long day of skiing or snowboarding. After that, I think guests are well advised to stop by the Ice Bar and enjoy a little après ski. Then it's off to the spa followed by a fantastic dinner in our restaurant or just fondue with Helga in the 'Stube' (small room). Last but not least, we look forward to welcoming our guests to the hotel bar.

Which of your cocktails would you say the BURG guests simply must try?
That, of course, depends on each guest's personal preference, but I think our Testarossa (fresh raspberry puree with a shot of vodka and sparkling wine) is highly recommendable. Also very popular are our Long Dong Shots (Amaretto, pineapple, lemon and cucumber juice) that were created by Patrick and Manuel.

Which professional or private goals do you still have?
Professionally I have already achieved a lot and I am very happy with that just the way it is right now. Parallel to my work at the BURG I still have several irons in the fire since there is the heart of an entrepreneur beating in my chest. The time will come though when I find something fitting with which I will again dismiss myself into self-employment and face new challenges. Personally, I am doing great. I am happily married and I would like to spend as much time as possible with my partner Atid. We spend the summers on our beloved Koh Samui in Thailand to fill up with energy for the coming season and formulate our new ideas. What I wish most for myself though is health, love and time to be able to enjoy life too.

The recipe for your favourite cocktail?
Even though I prefer long drinks or a good wine, I would most likely order a good Whiskey Sour: 4 cl Bourbon Whiskey, 3 cl fresh lemon juice, 10 cl fresh orange juice and 1 cl sugar syrup, shake well, strain into a whiskey tumbler and enjoy cold.