4. Jul. 2011

Silvester Reindl

Walking guide in Lech am Arlberg

More than 10,000 km under his belt

He already has around 10,000 kilometres of walking and approx. 40,000 m of altitude per season under his belt and is familiar with virtually all the slopes, gorges and mountain meadows in Lech and the surrounding area. Our walking guide Silvester Reindl takes guests at the BURG high up into the Alpine peaks. We chatted with him about the wonders of nature and some special experiences.

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28. Feb. 2011

Franz Profanter, "The Professional"

The man for everything at BURG for the past 34 years

Seit 34 Jahren der Mann für alle Fälle in der BURG

He did his mechanics apprenticeship as a young man in Southern Tyrol. When asked the question of how he came to work at Burg, he answers in his charming, shy way. "I was signed off sick due to a car accident. And it meant I could go and see my sister at Burg. And she already worked back then for the Lucian family."

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30. Nov. 2010

District Heating Plant Oberlech

CO² neutral through the power of innovation and the pioneering spirit, into the next millennium.

Oberlech firms are the epitome of innovative power and the pioneering spirit in the Arlberg region. Following on from the construction of the tunnel system that has made Oberlech a car-free zone, a district heating power station has now been built under the direction of the chief construction manager, Fridolin Lucian.

In 1997, the first biomass heating plant was built to supply the hotels and facilities of the Lucian family with energy. The new Oberlech biomass district heating plant is therefore simply a logical extension of the first biomass heating plant that was set up for the use of all the hotels and businesses in Oberlech.

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