11. Feb. 2017

Run Of Fame - On The Trail Of The Ski Stars

Run Of Fame - On The Trail Of The Ski Stars

With the new “Run of Fame” – 65 kilometre skiing route and 18’000 metres in altitude – the myth of Arlberg will be further told. Klaus Huber, Manager of Ski Arlberg Pool West and initiator of the “Run of Fame” talks about the pioneers of Alpine skiing and their legacy.

Klaus Huber, who were the skiing stars founding the myth of Arlberg?

It’s hard to know where to begin! We have placed the personalities for the “Run of Fame” into three categories: skiing pioneers, skiing stars and lm stars. Amongst the skiing pioneers number impressive names such as Hannes Schneider, the pioneer of the modern ski technique – called the Arlberg technique. Schneider founded the rst skiing school in Austria and also achieved world fame as an actor. Founded in 1901, the Arlberg Ski Club as one of the rst skiing clubs spawned numer- ous ski racers, so-called ski stars. There is no other ski club that has more Olympic winners and world champions amongst its ranks. Also included are Othmar Schneider, Trude Jochum-Beiser, Karl Schranz, Patrick Ortlieb or Mario Matt.

Was Arlberg more than just a Mecca for ski racers?

Of course it was! Many people don’t know it anymore. The Arlberg was the setting for numerous blockbusters. Well-known actors such as Yul Brynner, Britt Ekland, Peter Alexander and Brooke Shields stood in front of the cameras here. We would like to honour these personalities with the “Run of Fame” and bring their stories closer to our guests.

What awaits those who embark upon the “Run of Fame”?

The route is a crossing of the entire skiing region – from St. Anton in the South through Zürs and Lech to Warth. 65 kilometres of skiing downhills wait to be tackled. The skier makes, so to speak, a three pass journey, whereby he crosses the Arlberg, Flexen and Hochtannberg passes. On the way, you can “meet” the legends.

What is the highlight?

That is the “Hall of Fame” at the new Flexen- bahn. Here, the pioneers have been placed in a unique memorial in a new exhibition. An unusual journey with fascinating encounters awaits the visitor. And suddenly you are right in the middle of it all!