4. Jul. 2011

Silvester Reindl

Walking guide in Lech am Arlberg

Silvester Reindl

More than 10,000 km under his belt

He already has around 10,000 kilometres of walking and approx. 40,000 m of altitude per season under his belt and is familiar with virtually all the slopes, gorges and mountain meadows in Lech and the surrounding area. Our walking guide Silvester Reindl takes guests at the BURG high up into the Alpine peaks. We chatted with him about the wonders of nature and some special experiences.

You are familiar with virtually every rock in the area. What is the fascination with walking?

Silvester: There’s something about it which fascinates me. It is mostly about the tranquillity which reigns in the mountains. There’s no noise up there. And relaxation is not hard to come by, despite the challenging tours. The panoramic views and close proximity with nature are endlessly beautiful. This also includes the smell of the brunelle, a species of orchid which grows here.

What is the role of walking guides? Where and how are they needed most often?
Silvester: Walking guides have a significant responsibility for the group. To live up to this and ensure the highest possible safety level, it is essential that tours are adapted to the group. I provide assistance, whether on difficult terrain or in poor weather conditions such as storms.

How do people go walking nowadays? Is it different from in the past?
Silvester: Today, walking is a sport which everyone can enjoy. People of all ages are impressed by the mountains. As a result, there are significantly more hikers these days. Unfortunately there are also more accidents caused by carelessness and recklessness.

When guests want to see the most beautiful places, where do take them?
Silvester: There are lots of beautiful spots. The Butzensee and Zürsersee lakes are among my favourites. There is also an attractive place by the waterfall in Zug (Lechuferweg trail). The views across the Steineres Meer are spectacular too. This is a mountain plateau characterised by Dachstein limestone and karst features.

Is there any particular walking experience you can share with us?
Silvester: I enjoyed a special experience with my group en route to the Erli-Joch at over 2,400 m above sea level when we encountered two fully grown ibexes which even accompanied us along part of the way. The whole group was impressed and were still talking about it at the evening meal!