24. Sep. 2018

Skyspace Lech

The walk-in work of art by James Turrell on the Arlberg

Skyspace Lech

A plain room, an elliptical opening, a largely underground walk-in work of art. Right in the middle of Lech, just a few minutes from the BURG, is the Vorarlberg's latest attraction. And for it, we owe a debt of thanks to none other than the internationally renowned American artist James Turrell. He has created a very special spot here, at 1780 metres above sea level. The idea behind it? "Seeing yourself seeing."

"We are not aware that we ourselves give the sky its colour," explains James Turrell, one of the most important international light artists of our time. So the idea behind Turrell's newly-opened Skyspace-Lech is to demonstrate how we perceive the world around us. Having opened on 17 September 2018 and remaining open all year round, visitors can now experience the brilliant colours and the interplay between nature, shapes, space and materials to sensitise themselves and experience and test their own perception. It is about strengthening the awareness in this "lightroom" where sky and earth seem to encounter one another from a new point of view. It's art you can experience!

9 x 6 x 5,2 metres of light art in the midst of nature

The first sketches and plans for the largely underground structure on the Alpe Tannegg in Lech were produced in 2014. The vision and campaign "A Piece of Heaven" was the work of the Verein Horizon Field, which was able to interest James Turrell in Lech and the Arlberg. The room, which measures 9 x 6 metres and stands 5.2 metres high with a dome of 2.5 x 2.6 metres, is the result of the efforts of a number of dedicated supporters – and also the tremendous support of donors and around 250 people who purchased building blocks. Access to this contemporary work of art is via a 15-metre long tunnel, and the first thing one sees on exiting is the peak of the Biberkopf. This spot undoubtedly requires an openness to light poetry, but those who are able to find it will most certainly be surprised.

A room without boundaries, filled with light and colour

Whether the dome – which does open – is open or not, a visit to the Skyspace-Lech is always a good idea, whatever the season and weather. If you sit down on one of the benches in the room and look up at the sky through the opening, you'll feel it is almost sculptural. And if the dome is closed when you sit down, you can explore the resulting "Ganzfeldraum". A "Ganzfeld" is an unstructured, evenly illuminated visual field. The result: a lack of orientation and the impression of a space that truly is without boundaries. By achieving this total loss of one's perception of depth, Turrell is able to guide the observer's view to the inside and one's perception of oneself as an individual. If this is achieved, then the artistic goal has been reached.

Skyspace Lech

The apparently spaceless interplay between colours and forms at the Skyspace-Lech, art in the midst of nature.

Opening times and guided tours

You can visit the Skyspace-Lech both in summer and in winter, although the opening times are slightly different. There is usually one guided tour a week, during which interested parties are able to learn more about the structure and in particular the idea behind it. You will find details of the dates, times and prices here. There is no charge for admission to the Skyspace without a guided tour.

Take the opportunity during your next stay at our 4-star Burg Hotel Oberlech to visit the new work of art in Vorarlberg. Departing from the BURG, you can easily include a visit to the Skyspace in a hike to the Butzensee or Kriegeralpe – it's well worth it!