26. Jun. 2017

Medicinicum Lech

Der gesunde Mensch in einer gesunden Umwelt: 4. bis 7. Juli 2019

Das Medicinicum Lech hat sich nach nur vier Jahren zu einer der beliebtesten Sommerveranstaltungen etabliert. Wir haben Markus Hahn, Organisator, Lech Zürs Tourismus, zum Interview gebeten:

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9. Mar. 2017

Fit into spring

Winter is still present in all its white glory – Spring, however, is no longer too far away. Whether it’s for gliding down the slopes or preparing for Spring: you should be fi t for both of them. Stefan Jäger, our Personal Fitness-Trainer explains what you need to be aware of.

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24. May. 2016

Fitness-Tage in Lech am Arlberg

Mit Personal Trainer Stefan Jäger: 10. - 14. August 2016

Der bekannte Personal Trainer Stefan Jäger, der unter anderem die Fitness beim Alpla HC Hard trainiert, organisiert vom 10. - 14. August 2016 die Fitness-Tage in Lech am Arlberg. Dabei holt er sich kompetente Unterstützung durch die zertifizierte Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Lehrerin Sarah Grabher und Nadja Perone, welche die Teilnehmer in funktionellem Training schulen wird.

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3. Mar. 2016

The BURG kitchens: fresh, regional and hearty cuisine

30 chefs are busy slaving away in the BURG kitchens this winter

They cook everything fresh using regional products. We offer a glimpse into the kitchens where top quality, healthy feel-good dishes are cooked up with passion.

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8. Feb. 2016

Well-being and beauty after a day’s skiing

Reaching for the stars!

After a day out in the snow, a visit to the Burg beauty & well-being area is like reaching for the stars. Whether a bath, sauna, beauty specials or relaxing massage – our make-up artist Verena and qualified masseur Stefan explain what makes a winter’s day so perfect.

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22. Apr. 2013

Healthy sleep for all guests

The SAMINA Sleep-Healthy-Concept is implemented at all rooms in the BURG

Healthy sleep is an essential precondition for relaxation, recreation, well-being, health and inner harmony. Hence, the SAMINA Sleep-Healthy-Concept was implemented in the BURG with the intention to help hotel-guests to a Bioenergetic Sleep®. So, the BURG is offering its guests a sleep-experience with a positive effect on all levels.

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