3. Mar. 2016

The BURG kitchens: fresh, regional and hearty cuisine

30 chefs are busy slaving away in the BURG kitchens this winter

The BURG kitchens: fresh, regional and hearty cuisine

They cook everything fresh using regional products. We offer a glimpse into the kitchens where top quality, healthy feel-good dishes are cooked up with passion.

‘Two fried chicken with potato salad, one JuHu boiled beef, pancake soup and semolina dumplings for table 9’ – things are very busy in the Burg kitchens! It is shortly after one o’clock in the afternoon and the sunshine outside is beautiful. The guests are squinting outside in the sunshine and want to treat themselves. Thomas serves oysters and a dry white wine to a family table at the upper end of the terrace while sommelier Hermann Lankmeier uncorks the third Magnum bottle.

All fresh

In winter, the Burg employs 30 chefs, a full team for washing the dishes and polishing the silver cutlery and a special salad crew! ‘We make everything ourselves and cook from fresh – no ready-made products,’ says chef Heinrich Röder quickly, scurrying past towards the boiled beef which is stewing in a home-made broth. He knows that it’s the simple things which count and the things done with passion which stick. There is no challenging Chichi cuisine here; instead it is ‘comfort food’ – modern, healthy and fresh.

Feel-good cooking

Heinrich Röder and his team cook for hippy vegetarians, care-free gourmets and demanding family tables; they take account of food intolerances and special salad sauce requests; they serve home-made sausages with hearty horseradish and tender char from the neighbouring Zugertal valley.

A superlative location

Four Americans have ordered ‘Salzburger Nockerl’ for dessert and are now sitting in-front of the fluffy peaks of egg white. ‘Great!’, ‘Awesome!’ The superlatives are flowing after two or three spoonfuls. These guests from near Chicago take some food selfies. Heinrich Röder and his team are oblivious. ‘Two sexy salads with prawns and without Parmesan, two home-made Pasta all’ Arrabiata medium-spicy and two starter portions of beef tartare,’ someone calls into the kitchen. Everyone knows what they have to do and Heinrich Röder is already considering the Easter menu.

Festive Easter menu

Chef Heinrich Röder serves up his exquisite hearty cuisine. His Easter menu will be a surprise . . . ‘But as always, there will be fresh and natural produce from our region on the menu!’

Recharge your batteries!

Fresh mountain air makes you hungry! After a few hours on your skis, perhaps including a descent down the Langer Zug, it is time for a comfort break – some good food on the Burg sun terrace, a cosy get-together and lots of sunshine.

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