8. Feb. 2016

The greats of the wine world – in the Burg wine cellar

The greats of the wine world – in the Burg wine cellar

The Burg Hotel is home to over 50.000 bottles of the very best wines from all over the world, stored in the stylish vaulted walls of the wine cellar. We accompany Christian Lucian through his wine cellar and are very impressed by our encounter with some of the world’s greatest wines.

A wooden cask and a few empty wine bottles – the route down to one of the largest and best-known wine cellars on the Arlberg is certainly inconspicuous. When Christian Lucian opens the door to the wine cellar, we can see that some of the greats of the wine world are stored here.

‘Our focus is undoubtedly on good Austrian wines,’ says the young hotelier Christian Lucian who has been responsible for the Burg’s wine cellar and wine trade for several years. The hotel has also been organising gatherings of young winegrowers over the last five years where ambitious Austrian winegrowers can present their wines to an audience of professionals on the Arlberg. ‘ True greats and renown are not always the same thing,’ says Lucian of their commitment. ‘New wines have to be given a chance’.

Stars and celebrities

The temperature is maintained at a constant between 10 and 15 degrees here. Christian Lucian shows us a Honivogl. ‘An exceptional white wine which is not mainstream’. The Grüne Veltliner from the Hirtzberger vineyard grows in one of the top locations and enjoys cult status among the white wines of Austria.

We catch a glimpse of the many champagne bottles and immediately imagine a gathering of A-listers and celebrities – all of the great names are there: Krug, Taittinger, Veuve Cliquot, Dom Perignon and Louis Röderer – including in Magnum bottles for large gatherings.

A magnificent ambience

Claudia Fath, a long-standing sommelier at the Burg, lights a few candles and we are encouraged to open a bottle here in the beautiful ambience of the wine cellar. Hermann Lankmaier, head sommelier at the Burg Hotel, shows us a Kollwentz Steinzeiler 2011, one of the best red wines in Austria. ‘I assure you that this exceptional wine would hold its own against a good Italian or French wine in a blind tasting,’ he laughs.

The world’s most popular winegrowing region

In December, the Burg Hotel dedicated an evening of wine to a Super Tuscan, the Tignanello from the Antinori vineyard, during the ‘Arlberg Weinberg’ wine & gourmet fair. Wine enthusiasts sampled different vintages along with an exceptional 5-course meal.

Christian Lucian now selects a Roda, one of the best Spanish wines. ‘Spanish wines today are just as good as complex French wines,’ says the wine connoisseur who knows that the world of wine never stands still and has made huge leaps forward in terms of quality over the past few decades.

Finally, the young hotelier picks up a small bottle of bright golden-yellow wine – a sweet Austrian wine from the Gerhard Kracher vineyard in Burgenland. Austria today is one of the world’s most popular winegrowing regions. The country has also been named the ‘Best Wine Travel Destination Europe’ by the American travel industry. And you can certainly understand why following a visit to this wine cellar!

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