18. Dec. 2020

Winter Espresso Martini

Interview and recipe - Bernd Neubauer, barkeeper

Winter Espresso Martini


  • 3cl Belvedere vodka

  • 3cl liquer 43

  • 1 espresso

  • 1 teaspoon pumpkin seed oil


  • put all the ingredients in a shaker full of ice and shake well

  • then pour through a fine sieve into a Martini Glass

  • decorate with some coffee beans


Hello Bernd, thank you for this great Christmas holiday drink!
Hello, you are very welcome. It's very easy to make and tastes great.

Winter Espresso Martini

You´ve stayed despite all Corona restrictions super active to improve your bar skills and you took part in lots of barkeeper competitions, meanwhile. We really find this great. How do you get all this motivation to improve your bar skills and knowledge, especially during this strange year 2020?
Thank you very much. This is due firstly to lockdown, which helped me to relax and I was able to do things that are normally neglected in everyday life.  I already knew from the beginning that I want to use my time wisely and do productive things. I started to study technical books and magazines and worked on my bar skills regularly. It started to motivate me a lot and It made me feel really great and at the same time I had a lot of fun, too.

Which contests you took part and how did you get there?
Everything started with Mix@Home Online Competition during the lockdown, which started as an alternative to CSC Summer Cup. The target of this contest was to make a drink without the need to leave the house – with all ingredients you had already at home. Then in summer, the CSC Summer Cup finally took part in Graz. I´ve met many creative personalities there and this really started to motivate me to take part on more competitions in future.

Next competition was Drinks Open 2020, where the best barkeepers of Germany, Austria and Switzerland competed against each other. Due to lockdown II, Mix@home Winter Competition started, where the focus was on winter-drinks. Selection process is still running.

But my absolute highlight is Glenfiddich Most Experimental Bartender Austria 2020, where I made it to top 6 of competitors. The finals will take part at Ritz-Carlton in Vienna. I really look forward to it.

Why do you love your job as a barkeeper so much?​
To meet many different personalities, if its guests or colleagues, who I am fascinated of – I just love it. Being a great host and giving our guests a great time which they won´t forget, is my absolute passion. This and for all the variety which is included when working with people makes me love my job. I am also able to work creatively and I get to know a lot of new products while working.

How long do you work as barkeeper?
It is my 5th winter-season in Lech and my 2nd winter-season at BURG. A friend of mine recommended your place to me. He was telling me about your beautiful house and the great cuisine your place has to offer. I got to meet the bar-chef Oliver and Stefan and we got friends. They offered me to be a member of their bar-team and I immediately said: YES!

Which Drinks you prefer to drink?​
It really depends, but I really like to drink a good Negroni, a fresh Daiquiri or a Gin Basil Smash.

Is there any insider tip you can give us when it comes to mixing a good drink?
A balance between sweet and sour is the most important. You can give it a try, for example if you add some lemon juice to your drink you´ll recognize how much the drink starts to change.

Do you ski or snowboard?​
I am a skier, it´s the perfect activity to balance life and work in Lech.

What was the funniest situation you`ve experienced at work so far?​
It happened 2014 on Cayman Island. I was working at a beach restaurant together with my colleague called Glen. It was very hot and humid weather. A table ordered some Champagne and I brought it to them to present the bottle they´ve ordered. I couldn’t remove the cork and I as I tried really hard, the bottle fell down and the cork popped out and was shooting through the whole restaurant area, followed by a 2 m champagne fountain, which hit a white dressed man wearing a captain hat at the next table. I just heart Glen yelling: “Bernd, you got the captain!”

Everybody at the restaurant started laughing very heavily, included the guy with the captain hat.