4. Apr. 2014

Claudia Fath

BURG sommelier Claudia Fath

Claudia Fath

From the "Maxlhaid" to the BURG Hotel

Claudia has learned her trade as cook / waitress at "Maxlhaid" a typical pub in Oberösterreich. Her apprenticeship took four years. Two years of which she was trained in the kitchen and two years in service. "I wanted to learn every single detail that was part of my job but my favourite by far was patisserie," admits this charming and down-to-earth woman who was born in Oberösterreich.

Once she completed her training in "Maxlhaid" she started her job as Commis de Rang, that's what young waiters are called after they have completed their training, in Tannbergerhof in Lech. "I worked there for a season in service, responsible for the a la carte restaurant and for the house guest," describes Claudia, her first stop at Arlberg.

Then she returned back home to the Wirt am Berg, a caterer with an a la carte restaurant and operator of one of the largest vinotheks in Oberösterreich. "That's where I started to learn about wine. My mentor back then was Christian Ortner, who introduced me personally to a lot of winemakers and distillers," talks Claudia about the beginnings of her passion for wine. "After four years, including the sommelier exams in my last year, I then started at the Burg after an introduction by distiller Reisetbauer and Reinhold Paukner, who is in Eastern Austria a very well-known author and wine journalist," summarises Claudia of her resume.

Everything went really fast. "Mr Reisetbauer told me that the Burg would be the right place for my talents. I then had a phone call with the manager, in which Elisabeth Lucian only told me: Mr Reisetbauer told me everything about you, you can arrive on the 24th November and start your job," tells Claudia with a smile about her unusual interview.

This was pretty much exactly 10 years ago. "I worked right from the start in both the winter and the summer season in the Burg." If you watch her working, then you could be mistaken for thinking that Claudia's work is almost a bit like her hobby and leisure time too. "I simply take great pleasure in indulging my guests. If I am not working on something special for my guests, then I am either relaxing on the slopes or go hiking in the summer months," is her statement regarding her limited free time.

Claudia also felt in love with the BURG chef de cuisine about a year ago. "This simply happened somehow," are her words grinning from ear to ear. And now back to what her other half excels in. "Beef Tartar, a fine dish of wild game hunted by our boss and a traditional Austrian pancake dish should definitely be on the list of the things to eat while you stay at Burg and add to that a fine bottle of red wine (e.g. a Winzer Prieler) or white wine (Winzer Topf) made in Austria means that the guests can expect great treats," she says. "A nice afternoon in our wellness and beauty area, a fine massage and then relaxing on our water beds is something that I can heartily recommend to connoisseurs," she explains.

And when asked what she values about the Lucian family, she replies: "I simply think it's great that the entire Lucian family works actively in the hotel and that now the children of Elisabeth and Gerhard, Marlene and Christian are part of the team. It is a very amicable atmosphere despite the size of the business."