9. Mar. 2017

Fit into spring

Fit into spring

Winter is still present in all its white glory – Spring, however, is no longer too far away. Whether it’s for gliding down the slopes or preparing for Spring: you should be fi t for both of them. Stefan Jäger, our Personal Fitness-Trainer explains what you need to be aware of.

The sun is getting stronger; sometimes you can almost smell the spring here at the front door... The Spring skiing days are a treat for many winter sportsmen and extend deep into April. Besides this, you can also indulge in other outdoor activities: Nordic walking, hiking, running, etc. Depending on the weather, even the bike can be taken out of the cellar. The best time therefore for a stay at the Burg Hotel for those sporting guests with diverse interests.

Take exercise and reach your goals

‘Independent of the time of year’, says Stefan Jäger, ‘it can be generally recommended that you cannot get wrapped up warm enough for outdoor training’. For this functional clothing, if possible in twin pack, is a must. It does not need to be sport everywhere, underlines the trainer surprisingly: ‘What is important is that you take regular and suffi cient exercise. This can also be extended walks.’ What is important during the exercise is having different thoughts, experiencing them consciously and coming back into the here and now. In the case of nutrition, he recommends eating a soup often in the evening. That does not mean going on a diet, just the conscious handling of meals and building their components into everyday life.

Train with the professional

Our Personal Fitness-Trainer will certainly motivate you to great performance! And if not, thanks to him you will learn step by step how to go beyond your current limits. The Vorarlberger Stefan Jäger has been in the Burg Hotel core team for five years. As our guest, you benefi t from individual advice from a professional and a training program specifi cally tailored to your needs.

Personal Fitness-Trainer reservation hotline Stefan Jäger: +43 5583 2291

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